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An emerging leader in the development of tokenized assets, Cryptexʼs premier product TCAP.X tokenizes Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization with a single, secure, collateral backed solution.

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Full Market Exposure

Price exposure to the movement of the entire cryptocurrency sector, not just an individual cryptocurrency or small basket of indexed tokens. TCAP.X is calculated using real-time, total cryptocurrency market capitalization data from the most data transparent global exchanges, making the price of TCAP.X a true reflection of the entire cryptocurrency market, without the worry or custodial issues involved in holding thousands of tokens outright. We pride ourselves on three key features that truly set us apart from our competitors.

HMAC Verified

Snapshots of the real-time Cryptex Total Market Capitalization API will be HMAC signature verified by our third-party data provider, Nomics. This fully transparent data, always available for public audit, will be simultaneously broadcasted to both exchange order books and time-stamped, on-chain, for block creation purposes.

Crypto Collateralized

Each TCAP.X token is 100% backed by a store of valuable cryptocurrency stablecoin assets. For a single TCAP.X token to be minted, there must be an initial stablecoin cash collateral posted first, by via exchange or permission granted entity. Other than the stablecoin cash collateral required to secure the system, TCAP.X holds no underlying cryptocurrency, tokens or assets.

Speed Matters

Total cryptocurrency market capitalization data received from public exchange Websocket APIʼs included in the TCAP.X methodology will be aggregated and broadcasted through Cryptexʼs proprietary Websocket API in providing updated exchange pricing for TCAP.X to the millisecond.

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Common Questions

What is TCAP.X?

For cryptocurrency investors, traders, funds and institutions, TCAP.X is an ERC-20 backed smart contract that tokenizes real time Total Market Capitalization data from all cryptocurrencies and tokens listed on 9 global exchanges, thus creating a new crypto asset that makes Total Market Capitalization available for trade in a single, secure, collateral backed solution.

Total Market Capitalization (TCAP.X) tokens offer instantaneous settlement and carry no annual fees, other than standard trading commissions, which vary on an exchange by exchange basis. Each coin has its own underlying value, which can be transferred by clients to each Cryptex partner exchange quickly, efficiently and securely.

Data aggregation of real time Total Market Capitalization data from 9 major, data transparent exchanges allows for tracking of 2,861 cryptocurrency pairs in one simple solution, providing investors with a true alternative to having exposure to the entire crypto space via one asset.

What are the risks of investing in TCAP.X?

The investments and services offered by us may not be suitable for all investors. If you have any doubts as to the merits of an investment, you should seek advice from an independent financial advisor. Given cryptos volatility you should not buy unless you are prepared to sustain a total loss of the money you have invested plus any commission or other transaction charges.

How is Cryptex different from firms like Grayscale?

Currently, several firms are rolling out traditional finance structured vehicles, such as OTC ETPʼs in accordance with Regulation D or Rule 144. These products purchase a small, underlying per share equivalent of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. Then, the ETP share typically trades on the Pink Sheets or other OTC venue at a significant premium to the underlying cryptocurrency asset, given the limited list of publicly traded solutions. The Grayscale Bitcoin trust, GBTC, currently with 2.3 billion in assets under management, consistently trades at a premium relative to the small underlying per share amount of Bitcoin any customer can simply purchase with a Non-Qualified Coinbase account. *All stats as of 7/29/2019.

How is Cryptex different from firms like Bitwise?

In terms of bundled Crypto products, the choices for investors are only to purchase a small bundle of coins, weighted by market cap, for a fee. Nothing stops the investors from mimicking the product by simply buying the offered coins and allocated weightings outright themselves, thus bypassing the fees. In the case of Bitwise, for a bundle of the top 10 coins, annual expenses average 2.5% in management fees, 3% early withdrawal fees and weekly redemptions. *All stats as of 7/29/2019.

Who can Trade

Creating a Total Crypto Market Cap product for all levels, we strive to serve the largest institutions, the first-time crypto traders and everyone else in-between. We aim to make it possible for investors around the globe to easily trade our products in both traditional and new age channels.


Organizations with >$10mm in AUM looking for new and alternative cryptocurrency assets to trade OTC.

Accredited Investors

Inquire with your RIA or Financial Professional to learn if adding TCAP.X to your portfolio is right for you.

Cryptocurrency Traders

Request to list TCAP.X on your trusted digital exchange.

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Whether it’s healthy debate on Twitter, bullish or bearish talk on StockTwits or Q&A in Telegram we welcome all traders and investors to get involved and learn as much as possible about TCAP.X.







Meet the Team

We are a dedicated group who continuously push the boundaries in creating new opportunities with both maximum transparency and compliance. Together, we are pressing forward to challenge the norms of traditional investing in opening the door for millions of people to partake in this new wave of tokenized opportunities.

Joseph Sticco

Joseph Sticco

Founder & CEO

Joseph brings 13 years of dedicated market experience, investment management and financial knowledge to Cryptex Global Markets in developing the investment products of tomorrow, today.

Rony Thomas

Rony Thomas

Co-Founder & CTO

Software Architect, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Enthusiast, Husband and Father, Rony brings 20 years of technical experience (formally Microsoft) to the table and is the lead developer behind Cryptex Global Markets.

Preston Van Loon

Preston Van Loon

Blockchain Lead

Co-founder and team lead at Prysmatic Labs (formally Google), Preston is focused on scaling solutions for Ethereum 2.0 and beyond. He brings a wealth of blockchain expertise to the Cryptex Global Markets team.

Thomas Matzner

Thomas Matzner

Co-Founder & CBO

Thomas overseas Cryptex Global Markets image, experience and promise, bringing 9 years of branding and marketing expertise from global CPG brands (Becca, Pruv, Lacoste, MAC, Estee Lauder)